About Caulfield South Primary School


Principal’s Message

Welcome to our Caulfield South Primary School website. I am extremely proud to be the principal of a school that has a long history of providing State education and which is so strongly supported by the local community, resulting in the current population of approximately 500 students.

We aim for children and their families to have the best education setting in which to achieve and flourish. Learning takes place through purposeful, structured inquiry, developed in a safe, happy and supportive environment. This contributes towards the development of independent, confident and resilient learners. We aim to prepare students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society, where they will have the skills, values, understandings and courage to undertake a positive, productive and rewarding role in that world. We also encourage our students to develop optimism and enjoy a sense of humour.

To help us achieve our aims, the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB) underpins much of what we say, what we do and who we are. The school has been awarded verification status and this is the year of our self-review followed by our evaluation by the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

Academic excellence is valued with a focus on developing highly literate and numerate students, alongside our visual and performing arts, physical education and sport programs. Our instrumental music program includes a school orchestra and a drum corps which proudly performs at many public events. Our language other than English is Italian. The diverse curriculum provides students with numerous opportunities to shine and experience success in many ways.

Student leadership is nurtured by providing every Year 6 student with the opportunity to be a school leader for a term, while all Year 5 students participate in the Prep/Year 5 Buddy Program.

A culture of performance and development ensures teachers are constantly updating their knowledge, skills and expertise with the goal of providing a differentiated curriculum that caters for individual needs, helping children develop to their full potential.

The school is responsive to parents’ concerns and works in partnership with parents to ensure a positive learning experience at school. The positive parent partnership results in a high level of participation on School Council, Parents’ Association, classroom helpers program and in social and fundraising activities.

All parents are expected to read the School News which is emailed to all families who provide email details. This helps to ensure parents are informed and have the opportunity to play an active part in our thriving community which adds immeasurably to the students’ attitudes and connectedness to school which is an important factor in contributing to their success.

There is considerable investment in information, communication and learning technologies to ensure an engaging, effective teaching and learning environment.

During 2015 the Government launched the Education State model which provides a framework for continued improvement of student outcomes.

School Council is proactive in continually maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure (buildings, grounds and technology) of the school to support teaching and learning. In recent years, our junior playground was enhanced by the Friendship Circle of Trees to the delight of our students! The main quadrangle now utilises a wide canopy with seating underneath for the sunny and wet weather.

I welcome your contact if you wish to learn more about our school or to arrange a visit.

Gayle Yardley Principal

Gayle Yardley

History of CSPS

Caulfield South Primary School was officially opened by Mr FE Forrest MLA on Saturday 25th February 1928.

The school had opened on 31st January in that year, with an intake of 545 pupils from Prep to Year 8 and by July, the number had risen to 720.

The current school population of over 500 includes students from Prep to Year 6.

Early documentation confirms the school has a history of strong parent support, with parents working hard to improve the buildings and grounds for their children. This tradition continues today, with a strong School Council and committed Parents Association that both work towards providing the very best teaching and learning environment for the students of Caulfield South.

Our Staff

Caulfield South is proud of its outstanding teachers who are enthusiastic and welcoming. They achieve excellence in teaching by sharing ideas and knowledge, being honest, open-minded and valuing others’ perspectives. There is a strong culture of reflection, professional development and teamwork. This creates a safe, harmonious, and supportive professional environment for all. The common goal of staff is to work together to provide excellent teaching and learning at C.S.P.S.

Outside School Hours Care


On-site child care is provided by Camp Australia and is available from 7:00am to 8:45am and 3:30pm to 6:00pm daily.

Children must be formally enrolled in this program. Enrolment forms are available from the school office or online from Camp Australia. Even if parents think they may never need this service, all parents are encouraged to enrol their child as a precautionary measure for unforseen circumstances.

The contact number for our OSHCare program (Camp Australia) is:

8851 4160 or 1300 105 343 for bookings.

Email: oshc@campaustralia.com.au

Visit http://www.campaustralia.com.au/Service/CaulfieldSouth/9E3B for more information.


Caulfield South Primary School has a quiet suburban location away from main roads, with boundaries adjoining parklands and residential properties. The unique, impressive buildings are surrounded by attractive gardens, an extensive playground that provides passive and active play areas, exciting play equipment and a synthetic turf oval surrounded by a running track. There has been considerable investment in information communication and learning technologies, including interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. This contributes towards ensuring a highly engaging learning environment.

In the last few years, School Council, through the efforts of our fundraising committee has installed air-conditioners in our new Senior Learning Centre and the school hall.

In 2016, the main focus of Green Machine, our Sustainability team, is to create a sensory garden near the Senior Learning playground.

Strategic Plan

The School Strategic Plan sets out the direction for our school for a four year period, including our purpose, values and environmental context as well as goals, targets and key improvement strategies in the three student outcome areas of student learning, student engagement and wellbeing and student pathways and transitions. Our school underwent a year of self-evaluation, review and planning in 2012 to prepare a new Strategic Plan. This was done through staff, student and parent consultation and engagement with relevant community agencies. The Strategic Plan for 2013-16 is the result of this process.

The School Annual Implementation Plan describes for our staff how the key improvement strategies in the School Strategic Plan will be put into practice each year. It is the annual plan that guides our teachers in their work to achieve the goals and targets in the Strategic Plan and to help them monitor the progress and success of our students.

Annual Report

Our school Annual Report is designed to inform parents and the wider school community of the school’s successes, activities and achievements throughout the year. The Annual Report is endorsed by School Council each year by 31st March.