Dear CSPS parents and carers,

Here we are, heading to the end of our third week of remote learning and we’re hoping that parents and children are starting to feel a little more comfortable about expectations and what is manageable in your family circumstances. Thank you to those families who provided feedback to the teachers to help inform our planning, particularly around student well-being needs for the weeks ahead. We understand that every family will have different challenges each day that may prevent the full learning program being completed. We are all trying to do our best in the circumstances, and we understand that you will need to be flexible in managing this day-today. At this unsettling time, there are a number of very helpful services available to all members of the community. Please find the details of some of these services provided by the City of Glen Eira attached below.

Communication from Staff: Our staff is committed to keeping our school community well informed and up to date with information. Our teachers are working very hard to provide remote learning programs and like many in the community, they are fulfilling other roles such as caring for children, elderly parents and relatives and ensuring their own good health. They are trying hard to manage a balance between these competing demands.

Although teachers support students having a flexible approach to completing their remote learning tasks, teachers will be available for communication for class related work with your children Mon-Fri 9am – 3.30pm. 

Three Pillars of Physical Health

It is important for all members of our school community to make their health a priority. We can all do this by following the 3 pillars of physical health:

  1. Physical Activity: 30 minutes of activity every day. This can include walking the dog, going for a bike ride or a scooter ride. Indoor activities can include online Yoga, Aerobics and Goo Noodle clips.
  2. Sleep: Students need 9-11 hours sleep every night. Children should follow general bedtime routines such as warm bath/shower, doing a quiet activity and no screens before bed. Further information on sleep:
  3. Nutrition: Try and eat balanced meals every day. Don’t forget to drink lots of water! Further information regarding nutrition:

Mental Health and Well-being Check In

Just as you set aside time for physical exercise, it is important to make time each day to check in with your child’s mental health and well-being.

You can help your child by:

  • Providing an opportunity to talk about how they feel and listening to what they say
  • Identifying some specific actions they can take by themselves or with you to address any concerns they might have
  • Asking how they are finding learning remotely and is there anything they’d like your help with

We wish everybody strength at this time and the patience that will support family unity, health and well-being.

With warm regards to all,

Gayle, Bianca and CSPS staff

City Of Glen Eira Support Services For Parents