Caulfield South Primary School has an enrolment of approximately 460 students. There are 21 grades with an average class size of 22 students across the school.

Through the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB) we use an inquiry model to engage our students in their learning with the aim of preparing them to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society, by developing the skills, values, understanding and courage to undertake a positive role in that world. The balanced curriculum contributes to the development of independent, confident and resilient learners who are encouraged to develop optimism and enjoy a sense of humour.

Student leadership is nurtured by providing all Year 6 students with leadership training and the opportunity to be a school leader for a term, while all Prep and Year 5 students participate in the Buddy Program. Weekly whole-school assemblies are run by the Year 6 leaders and the students in Prep to Year 2 have the opportunity to emulate these leaders in the weekly Junior school assembly which is always attended by many of our parents. Other leadership opportunities are engaged in through Junior School Council, the House competition, Green Machine (our sustainability team made up of students, teachers and parents) and our Playground Peacemakers program.

Student Leaders

Students at Caulfield South Primary School have many opportunities to develop leadership capabilities throughout their years at school. An early opportunity is to lead and perform at Junior School Assemblies. Student leadership is further nurtured by providing every Year 6 student with the opportunity to be a school leader for a term, while all Year 5 students participate in the Prep/Year 5 Buddy Program. Children also have the opportunity to be part of the Green Team for developing sustainability practices in our school or to represent their class on the Junior School Council. Our Year 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to become Playground Peace Makers and assist younger students to problem-solve issues when they are having difficulties in the yard.

Junior School Council

Each grade elects a representative for the Junior School Council which meets formally to support school directions and activities. JSC also ensures our school is involved in supporting the wider community through fundraising.

House Teams

Students are assigned a House team upon commencement of school. Various sports carnivals and inter-house competitions are held throughout the year. The annual House athletics competition provides a day of fun when all children get into the spirit by dressing up in their House colours. “Go Team!”


IRWIN Darraks – Blue

Goodes Guyeems – Red

Cowan Bunjils – Green

Mauboy Warreenys – Yellow

Student Safety

Protective Behaviours

‘Stranger Danger’ is better referred to as a small part of teaching children protective behaviours. It is only a very small part of protective behaviour, as 85 per cent of danger or abuse to children occurs with someone known to the child or trusted by the child.

The Protective Behaviours Organisations have undertaken work for many years to protect children from all dangers, and help them to be safe in all environments. Protective behaviour should focus on stranger danger, predators, relatives or friends and Internet or online risks.

The aim is to teach children to be safe, to be aware of predatory strangers, and to be self protective. Teaching protective behaviours or ‘stranger danger’ is a delicate balance of raising awareness, without unnecessarily alarming children, or paralysing them with fear.

…keep ‘danger’ in balance. While being alert and pro-active with protective behaviours, remember that a child’s world is full of safe, wonderful and positive events.

From an article written by Ian Wallace, Consultant Psychologist and KidsLife expert. Ian is the author of You and Your ADD Child and co-author of Coping with School.



Tips on cybersafety may be accessed through the Australian Government Cybersmart website at

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