About Caulfield South Primary School

Welcome to Caulfield South Primary School.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of our students, staff and families at Caulfield South Primary School. I am proud to be the Principal of this school and I am in the privileged position to share with you what makes our school great.

Our school sets high expectations in learning and wellbeing for our students, staff and families. We value high-impact teaching of English and Mathematics and extend learning through LOTE (Italian), Music and Performing Arts, Physical Education, STEM and Visual Arts. Our school is also accredited to deliver the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP), an inquiry-based approach to cross-curricular learning with a focus on the humanities, the sciences, health and technology.

The wellbeing of our students, staff and families is incredibly important. The Respectful Relationships program provides a framework for our wellbeing approach and builds students’ social and interpersonal capabilities. Our focus on the restorative practices approach also supports our students to build empathy for others and encourages reflection and positive relationship-building behaviours.

Our Year 6 Captains co-lead our school tours with myself and our Assistant Principal, Georgia Despotellis, each Friday at 9:30am (book tickets here). We look forward to welcoming you into our wonderful school and community.

Rohan Cooper


History of CSPS

Caulfield South Primary School was officially opened by Mr FE Forrest MLA on Saturday 25th February 1928.

The school had opened on 31st January in that year, with an intake of 545 pupils from Prep to Year 8 and by July, the number had risen to 720.

The current school population of approximately 460 includes students from Prep to Year 6.

Early documentation confirms the school has a history of strong parent support, with parents working hard to improve the buildings and grounds for their children. This tradition continues today, with a strong School Council and committed Parents Association that both work towards providing the very best teaching and learning environment for the students of Caulfield South.

Our Staff

Caulfield South is proud of its outstanding teachers who are enthusiastic and welcoming. They achieve excellence in teaching by sharing ideas and knowledge, being honest, open-minded and valuing others’ perspectives. There is a strong culture of reflection, professional development and teamwork. This creates a safe, harmonious, and supportive professional environment for all. The common goal of staff is to work together to provide excellent teaching and learning at C.S.P.S.

Outside School Hours Care

Caulfield South PS is proud to partner with TeamKids as the provider of our outside school hours care program. For more information, please click on the link below:


Caulfield South Primary School has a quiet suburban location away from main roads, with boundaries adjoining parklands and residential properties. The unique, impressive buildings are surrounded by attractive gardens, an extensive playground that provides passive and active play areas, exciting play equipment and a synthetic turf oval surrounded by a running track. There has been considerable investment in information communication and learning technologies, including interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. This contributes towards ensuring a highly engaging learning environment.

In the last few years, School Council, through the efforts of our fundraising committee has installed air-conditioners in our new Senior Learning Centre and the school hall.

In 2016, the main focus of Green Machine, our Sustainability team, is to create a sensory garden near the Senior Learning playground.

Strategic Plan

The school School Strategic Plan sets out the direction for our school for a four year period, including our vision, values, rationale, context and challenges as well as goals, targets and key improvement strategies in the three priority focus areas. Our school underwent a year of self-evaluation, review and planning in 2016 to prepare a new Strategic Plan. This was done through staff, student and parent consultation and engagement with relevant community agencies. The Strategic Plan for 2017-20 is the result of this process.

The School Annual Implementation Plan describes for our staff how the key improvement strategies in the School Strategic Plan will be put into practice each year. It is the annual plan that guides our teachers in their work to achieve the goals and targets in the Strategic Plan and to help them monitor the progress and success of our students.

Annual Report

Our school Annual Report is designed to inform parents and the wider school community of the school’s successes, activities and achievements throughout the year. The Annual Report is endorsed by School Council each year by 31st March.

School Policies

All school policies are set and reviewed by the Policies Sub-Committee of School Council. Policies must be ratified by School Council before they are implemented.

Policies are reviewed as per Department guidelines and copies of these can be obtained from the School Office.