24 October 2021

Dear parents and Carers,

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your efforts so far in this challenging Term 4, with your help to support the transition to on-site schooling, including getting your family vaccinated and encouraging mask wearing at school.

We are very excited to share that, following the vaccination targets in Victoria, the staged return to on-site learning is being brought forward, with all onsite schooling to commence full time from Monday 1 November 2021.

All metropolitan Melbourne students and school levels will return to on-site learning from Monday 1 November, joining regional Victorian students who have already returned to on-site learning.

I know the earlier return of students to full-time on-site learning will be great news for our school community and families.

A range of school activities will now also be able to take place as schools reflect the new community settings.

For us, this means that camps, interschool sport, excursions, school assemblies, music, singing and performances will be able to take place (in line with the community settings and vaccination requirements).

Face masks are not required outdoors by teachers or secondary school students but will remain an important part of our classrooms, and in the community.

Schools have taken a number of steps to support on-site learning, including staff vaccination, ventilation, physical distancing for staff and students,  start and leaving arrangements, and mask wearing.

We will be encouraging students to remain safe and practise good COVIDSafe behaviours for the remainder of Term 4.

Ahead of students resuming full-time on-site learning from Monday 1 November, we will continue to provide on-site learning in line with the staged reopening plan. Students who were previously eligible for on-site supervision and care as children of authorised workers or children experiencing vulnerability, may continue attending on-site learning as per previous arrangements.

While authorised worker permits are no longer required for onsite supervision and care, it should still be provided for those who were previously considered authorised workers until all year levels are back on site.

Thank you again for all your support and with a collective sigh of relief, we very much look forward to welcoming our students all back to on-site learning full time on Monday 1st November!

Warm regards,

Gayle Yardley