Dear CSPS Parents and Carers,

Our first school correspondence regarding coronavirus COVID19 was sent out to our community in mid-March and I’m sure no one imagined what lay ahead for us all. Here we are now, about to embark on a second round of remote learning and we’ve had a big week here at school preparing for this and no doubt it’s been a big week for many of you. The variety of ways people are reacting and managing at this time is so broad and sometimes unexpected. Therefore, I want to remind everyone of the need to be mindful of those around you and being kind to them but also to be kind to yourselves. This prolonged pressure we are all under may impact in some unpredictable ways, so please take great care, share your concerns and feelings with those you trust and try to support one another. If you need to talk to us at school, please call or email so that we may be able to support and remember that we have parents in our community who have offered to help families in need in a variety of ways. So please ask for help if you need it. There are others who care and want to support our community. There are just a few more details below to help us manage successfully next week. We also ask that if you haven’t read all the correspondence sent out this week, that you please do that over the weekend. You will soon be receiving class-specific information from your child’s teacher, if you haven’t already received that.

It’s been said a number of times to us this week that, “Together, we can do this!” And we believe we can! So here we go again next week…

Stay well and safe everyone.

Many thanks and warm regards,

Gayle, Bianca and CSPS Staff

Student Attendance:

In line with DET guidelines, CSPS is required to accurately record and submit student attendance data daily to the Department of Education. This attendance data must include students who are present on-site at school and students who are engaging in the remote and flexible learning program from home.

In line with this, classroom teachers will be uploading a roll call activity each morning on Seesaw or Google Classroom. Students who are learning from home must submit a response by 9:30am each day and they will then be marked ‘present’ on our records. Thank you in advance for assisting us in this matter.

Students attending on-site for supervision:

  • Basketball court gates will be opened between 8:50am and 9:00am each morning
  • Once students enter the grounds, they will be temperature checked and hand sanitiser will be applied
  • Students will be dismissed from the basketball court gates at 3:30pm each day
  • Parents wishing to collect their child early, must collect them from the office foyer by prior arrangement with the office staff

On-site supervision will be provided during the period of remote learning only for students in the following categories: where parents are unable to work from home and when no other arrangements can be made, children with disabilities and vulnerable children. It is a requirement that a request for supervision form for these children is submitted every week and this should be received by the school by 10am on the Thursday prior to the week care is requested. This must be adhered to so the school has reasonable time to arrange staffing and ensure duty of care for our children. Late applications after this time will therefore not be accepted. We thank parents and carers for your cooperation in this matter.