Dear CSPS families,

We have a few tired eyes as we head into this term but I’m sure that as we work together, we will manage well. The teachers have been sending out emails late today to their class families which outline the next few days. I thank them for all the magnificent work they’ve put into trying to help make this manageable for all, especially as some children will be sharing devices and internet provision will vary greatly between families, along with parents juggling other pressures, work and supervision of children. Many teachers will also be juggling supervision of children, toddlers and babies at home, so you will all be able to empathise with one another! Please take it step by step and know it won’t be perfect; this will take patience, practice and time for all of us but we’ll learn gradually together.

I also want to thank our resilient parents, as I know you will be doing it tough in various shapes and forms and I don’t underestimate the effort to ensure the minimal number of children at school, in order to try and protect our community as we also contribute to the efforts of our State and indeed Australia, in fighting this wretched virus.

I have attached a beautiful little video about this time in history to the email that was sent out to all families a little earlier. I hope you can make the time to have a look at it and gain a really positive perspective about what we are all going through.

Good luck to all our students, our teachers, our support staff and our CSPS parents as we head into Term 2 2020.

Warmest regards,

Gayle, Bianca and CSPS Staff