Dear CSPS students, parents and carers,

Day 2 of ‘holidays’: I wonder how you’re all managing these strange times in which we find ourselves. I am aware that for some there is a lot of creative and physical activity, some work on tasks in the packs, reading and some relaxation going on. However, for others there have been some exceedingly difficult situations to manage. So my message to everyone is to be kind to each other, try to be patient and understand that everyone needs to be just a little bit more tolerant and cooperative than usual.

The teachers and I have found two days without students a bit strange as we work together to towards some consistency in online learning for next term. We are upgrading Seesaw to enable greater flexibility and we were working on our knowledge of the Seesaw functions to enable us all to make the most of these. We’re all going to have a go at videoing messages, learning instructions and generally improving our uploading skills. Thanks to Miss Scarmozzino and Miss Dellulo who gave some of us a lesson in their room where we ensured social distancing and there was much collaboration.

We’ve already been very flexible with some teachers working from home and joining in meetings solving some of the problems arising. It’s also been a time that has enabled us to get a little of the back log cleared!

I thought I’d share some photos from today and you can see Mr Mackay was very serious about social distancing! We were conscious today of getting some exercise too!

Please remember that the school email is being monitored if there are any concerns or queries that we may be able to assist with and teachers are also trying to connect with parents over the course of the week.

Kind regards to all, 

Gayle, Bianca and CSPS Staff