Dear CSPS Parents and Carers,

Who would have thought we would once again be heading into another year with such uncertainty? I hope everyone has managed to have some time to rest and relax, even though some staff and families have continued to be struck by Covid and had to deal with all that Covid entails, with varying degrees of impact. As we begin another ‘Covid’ year, I wish our CSPS community the safest, healthiest and happiest 2022 and encourage everyone to simply do their best to be patient, kind and as understanding as possible towards others and to take care of yourselves. We can all only try to be mindful and do the best we can to support our children and each other and endeavour to keep our children and staff AT SCHOOL to help maintain the wellbeing of our children that the consistency, routine, learning and social interaction of school help to foster.

At this stage, I am understandably, yet to receive guidelines from the Department of Education regarding return to school arrangements, however our school leadership team has met and developed a tentative plan that we believe will assist in achieving our main goal of keeping children and teachers at school. Once we have the school-specific Department guidelines, we will ensure our plan is compliant and amend it as required. I know it will, of necessity be last minute given the circumstances, however, I just wanted to give families the heads up that our thinking is that it would be most sensible to keep parents off the school site to begin the year, and instead, organise a schedule for ‘Meet and Greet’ opportunities for parents and teachers before and after school on the Marara Rd Reserve for those parents who wish to do that. We will send details of arrangements as soon as possible, however, I don’t expect to be able to do that earlier than Thursday of this week or even Friday.

We have received one lot of air purifiers and another stock will be delivered tomorrow so that is reassuring and will assist with maintaining health at school.

My very best wishes to everyone for the remainder of the school break and I look forward to once again seeing some of our parents ‘at the gate’ and out on the reserve as we begin our school year and endeavour to maintain on-site teaching and learning.

Warm regards,