Dear Year 6 Parents and Carers,

It’s with much regret that I must advise you our Year 6 camp has had to be cancelled. We have held out hope that we may have been lucky since it was so late in the year. However, the regulations are beyond our control and this afternoon camp was cancelled. We know this will create much disappointment for our children as with our staff. After discussions this afternoon, we thought it best if the students could be told this prior to returning to school on Monday so they still have returning to school to look forward to after hearing the bad news rather than being deflated after the excitement of returning. We will do out utmost to find creative ways to compensate in this final term of their primary school years. Ashleigh and Jacqueline will talk this through next week and build some optimism and memorable celebrations into the coming weeks. Thank you all for your support and I’m so sorry to be delivering this news on the Friday before we return. Our children and families have certainly had much to contend with this year but we look forward to seeing our school leaders on Monday and sharing their final 10 weeks with them at CSPS.

Warm regards,